Walk for Mountains


Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021


9AM - 4PM

Hello Warriors and Walkers!


Here we go again folks!!! Walk 4 Mountains 2021 is coming up on our fourth year!!!  Save the date - Saturday 10/16/2021!  We would LOVE to have you back - we missed you!  We will be at the Lovettsville "Green" at Walker Pavilion on 16 October from 9am-4pm!  I promise to feed you this year if you come. That's right there such a thing as a FREE LUNCH! Magnolia's at the Mill in Purcellville is rewarding everyone with a free lunch after your walk!!! Moo Thru Ice Cream is bringing dessert like always for everyone!! WOO HOO!!! Also, this year is extremely proud to have with us One Family Brewing. A family brewery to honor Gold Star families! Yep, we are going to have BEER for purchase with your concert this year!!!  Heck, you don't even have to walk - all you need is a W4M 2021 super cool T-shirt! Sit and enjoy live music all day long at Walker Pavilion, lunch with Magnolia's and Moo Thru, and just plain fun all afternoon!


Shhh - Don't tell anyone, but I am trying to get a famous celebrity to come and start the walk for us this year!!! BUT SHHHH - it is a surprise for everyone - especially the kids, and I am still working on it - fingers are crossed. 


I would like you to volunTELL all your friends, family, co-workers, your church, your favorite brewery employees, the gas station cashier, toll booth person, your veterinarian, your FB page, your SNAP, whoever - tell everyone they HAVE to come be there for your moral support. The more the merrier - that's what I always say! GO BIG OR GO HOME!  I want to hit 1,000 people this year ?? That is my "the vaccine has rolled out and you have no excuse" number goal ?? AND it will be a beautiful day for a walk! Why...because it is ALWAYS a beautiful day for a walk in the mountains!


A special thank you to Brad the Guitar Guy is lining up all of our local bands to help our foundation. I am also bringing SAMAX aka the anti-Partridge family band with me all the way from OHIO to play for us this year!  W4M route 


So far W4M has raised over $30,000 that has all been given to local breast cancer patients right here at home. YOU DID THIS - YOU! It always takes a village, and Lovettsville is quite the village! ??


Where is the money going?

The money made at the event will be divided between three local breast cancer charities: Loudoun Breast Health Network, Our Perfect Warrior, and Step Sisters. These are wonderful local charities that support those in the thick of treatment. They help pay bills during treatment, take care of children, yard work, house cleaning, rides to chemotherapy; things that do not take care of themselves when you are sick.




https://ourperfectwarrior.org/ (Our own Woodgrove High School girls founded, thank you Anna and Riley! ??)


Keep walkin' and we will see you all on the 16!!!


Thank you so much for all of your support we love you,

Nicole Clark - Founder of W4M


Information and updates will be on our website blog and FAQs page walk4mountains.org

Contact us at [email protected] if you have further questions

W4M video link at Walk 4 Mountains 2019 Video

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